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Newborn parenting is tough. As they say, little ones don’t come with an instruction manual. As your doula, I work to empower you with support, information and resources to overcome any bumps along the road as you welcome your new baby.

As a Postpartum Doula, I provide nurturing guidance, supporting you to care for yourself and your newborn. I’m your loving extra pair of hands and support as you bond with your little one.

As a DONA Trained birth doula CD (DONA) I have enjoyed every minute of the beautiful birthing experiences that I have participated in. I have additional lactation, postpartum, sleep coaching and new born care education, which further enhances the support that I offer a family. 

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As an educator and a parent, I have always known the importance of a positive birth experience in setting a firm foundation for a child’s life. When my children were grown and I had a chance to pursue my dream, I studied to be a doula. I have a passion for providing a positive birth experience so parents can bond with their newborns and develop an encouraging relationship which sets the tone for the child’s life. Working with postpartum Parents and their Newborns helps them to further establish confidence and encourage growth with knowledge and awareness. Helping parents have the birth that they wish for and a good experience with the fourth trimester, establishes a supportive attitude toward parenting.

I have trained with  Dona International founders, Marshal Klaus, Phyllis Klaus and Penny Simkin and have also taken a seminar with Ina May Gaskin on Natural Child Birthing. In England and France, I studied with Christine Bruell, baby nurse to the British Royal family, and the late Betty Parsons on holistic birthing and postpartum techniques. 

I am an active member of the Marin Doula Circle and the East Bay Postpartum Doula Circle and I also attend doula meetings with the SF Doula group and the Santa Rosa


In addition, I hold a MA in special education and taught in the Chicago Public School system for 8 years working with educable, mentally handicapped students and their families. In this capacity, I learned the importance of healthy family communication and a supportive environment for children.I have been a hospice respite caregiver and a volunteer with the San Rafael School district certified to work with special needs students.

I live in Marin County and am the proud Mother of Two wonderful adults and one beautiful, bright and Outgoing grand child.


What Clients Say

"I can’t imagine the first few weeks of our son’s life without Hillary! She treated all of us as if we were her family. We all took a big sigh of relief when Hillary stepped through the door. We knew our son was in not only excellent but loving hands!"
- Sarah C.
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