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what clients are saying...

“Hillary was very loving and caring with our newborn, now a happy 10 month old and we couldn't have done it without her. She gave us the best gift of all a new parent can ask, sound sleep knowing that your little one is in very good hands.”

- Manyam


“I can’t imagine the first few weeks of our son’s life without Hillary! She treated all of us as if we were her family. We all took a big sigh of relief when Hillary stepped through the door. We knew our son was in not only excellent but loving hands!”

- Sarah C.


“Hillary’s support was invaluable in the early days with our newborn. In addition to caring for our baby and teaching us along the way, she offered tenderness and encouragement for us in our new roles as mom and dad.” 

- Rose J.

“Working with Hillary turned our birth into a spiritual and instinctive experience. I love reminiscing about my extremely positive birth.” 

- Jamey D.

"Hillary worked with us after we returned from the hospital with our son. Adding to the complexity was our 2.5 year old daughter, who took some time to warm to this new addition. Hillary closely attended to our son overnight, giving Andi valuable time to rest between pumping. She cared for our son as though he was one of her kids. She managed feedings and changing so effortlessly that we both slept well while she was our guest. Her attention to detail was evident in her recording of feedings and other information that she passed onto us in the morning."

- Andi M.

“We felt instantly at ease with Hillary as well. She is totally professional while being open, warm, and understanding. She gave us excellent guidance and prepped us well to have the birth experience we wanted. I went into labor earlier than anticipated, and Hillary was completely available and supportive while we were at home, and then at the hospital. During my labor and the birth she was completely present and supportive of me and my husband, and was really great with all of the hospital staff.”

– B. Axline

"I could not have had the birth experience I had were it not for Hillary at my side the entire time. For the entire 11 hours, she did acupressure on my hands and feet, acted as the go-between for the nurses, my family, and me. She kept the room calm and quiet when I needed it, and helped me through every contraction. Not every person in the world can be depended on during such moments. But I felt I could completely depend on her."

- I. McComish

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Hillary Wollin as a child caregiver. Hillary is one of the most amazing women I have ever met and most of all has the energy of a young professional woman.  She’s intelligent, reliable and so loving & affectionate. She is well versed in child development, both due to her trade of being a doula, parenting coach and her natural affinity toward children.  She has an unbelievable relationship with our daughter, turning simple life experiences into engaging learning activities. Her approach to caring for Scarlett complements our parenting as well, as she respects our personal philosophies while being confident enough to independently make day-to-day decisions regarding our daughter."

– A. Lillis

"Hilary is more than an extraordinary Doula. She became a second mom to me. I couldn’t recommend her more wholeheartedly to help with your newborn."

- Sarvenaz

“I was feeling pretty down on myself as a dad in terms of being able to care for our newborn daughter but one afternoon with Hillary rebuilt my confidence and taught me a host of new skills and tricks that have helped me in the months since.  The time I spent with Hillary was pivotal in my development as a dad.”

- Harry


“We have been so grateful for Hillary’s expert care of both of our sons during their newborn days - our first in 2020 and our second in 2022. Hillary is truly a baby whisperer, and we learned so much from her.  We could sleep soundly knowing our boys were in such excellent care. Hillary gave us so many helpful recommendations that helped us become better parents, and we consider her a dear friend.”

- Julia & Jeff T.

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